Meet Our Members

We invite you to meet the members of the Jane Austen Society of North America’s Nova Scotia region, which also has members from beautiful Prince Edward Island.

Our Regional Co-Ordinator, Colleen MacNeil, has the following introductory remarks:

In 1982 a candle was lit on Mainland Nova Scotia.  Its flame attracted a certain birthday celebration each December 16th, attendance at JASNA and Regional annual general meetings, tours, lectures, meetings, events, special guests, visiting speakers, hosting, booked venues, workshops, Regency dressing and food preparation, and the willingness to honour the achievement of individual members – an author whose published book would have her invited to three Countries for speaking engagements and whose related work would gain her Virtual international exposure, a JASNA Canada vice-president elected to the JASNA Board of Directors Executive Committee for a three year term, and a writer, producer and director of a radio play successfully performed with 11 actors.  The JASNA Nova Scotia Region candle will always burn bright.

Best regards,