Reading Sense and Sensibility

The theme for this year’s Jane Austen Society of North America Annual General Meeting and Conference, is “Sense and Sensibility in the City of Gardens”, taking place in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, September 29 – October 1, 2022.

In preparation for this very special event, members from the regions of JASNA-Nova Scotia and JASNA-New Brunswick – with the technical wizardry of member Martin Dawson recording them – have read aloud all of the novel’s chapters.

Starting on July 24, 2022, several chapters were be uploaded to this page via Google Drive MP3 files and you may delight in hearing our members read aloud the brilliance of Jane Austen’s words, as the author, herself, would have read to her family and friends.

We inserted several chapters at a time each week, beginning with chapters 1 – 7 on July 24 and each week, new chapters were be added to replace the previous week’s chapters. Below are the last week’s chapters 43-50. Enjoy them as you prepare for the AGM 2022 in Victoria B.C. (You can also download them to your device and take with you on your walk without using your data plan. Also take note of the link to the entire collection of readings at the end of this page.)

So, please pour yourself a favourite beverage and click on the links below, to share in our delightful initiative!

Chapter 43

Chapter 44

Chapter 45

Chapter 46

Chapter 47

Chapter 48

Chapter 49

Chapter 50

The members of JASNA Nova Scotia and New Brunswick thank you for listening to our audio readings of “Sense and Sensibility”.

Should you wish to download the entire set of chapters, you may click the link below and download it as a folder to your device.