Upcoming Events

September 11, 2022 for the next chapters – 37 onward!

JA and several booksOur JASNA regions of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have undertaken the project of offering the reading, by our members, of Austen’s, “Sense and Sensibility”  starting July 24th. Each week there will be a week’s worth of listening to sequential chapters that will conclude the book in time for the AGM in British Columbia this September.  Our thanks go to all the members who have participated. All listeners will be able to listen through Google Drive MP3 files, which will work on your computer or smartphone. Thus, we will have everyone prepared for Victoria on September 30th.

Tea with Emma – Sunday, September 11, 2022 teacup 2

The 2020 film adaptation of Emma is stunning.  We missed seeing it as a group when it was first released due to the pandemic, but now we have a second chance to view it together. After watching the film we will enjoy tea and treats and talk about the film,  especially the wonderful  costumes.

Jan has kindly offered the use of her condo’s social room for the event.  Location and directions will be provided closer to the date.


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  8. Marti Sterin says:

    Patrick Stokes said something Sunday morning at the Montreal AGM about an upcoming event in Halifax. Do you know what he meant?

    • Hello Marti:

      Thanks for your visit to our blog. As former Chair of the English Jane Austen Society (JAS), Patrick was thinking of having their AGM in Halifax in 2017 to celebrate Persuasion. Nothing has been finalized yet.

      Any details will be on our blog, as the time draws closer.
      Anne Thompson, RC
      JASNA-Nova Scotia

  9. Marti Sterin says:

    Do you mean the English AGM? Would we be able to attend?

  10. Joan Reynolds says:

    This is grand news – as a former resident and frequent visitor to Hampshire I am a JAS-UK member as well as a JASNA member. I’ve never been able to visit Halifax (almost harder to fly to than the UK when one lives in Vancouver). This would be a must trip to make if JAS and yourselves every pull it off. Great work you are doing in Halifax, to be sure.

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