“Virtual Tea”

” Tea”, was more than just a beverage during the Regency period, and was a ritual in and of itself.  References to it appear in all of the novels, and  in the letters of Jane Austen as well. It was a welcome source of refreshment after a weary day in the shops of Meryton or after a ball in the Pump Rooms at Bath!  Do join us for a “spot o’ tea”,  and relax in the comfort of our virtual tea shop.

Please, choose a tea cup – and you have a choice of either green or black tea – have it clear, with a slice of lemon, one lump or two of sugar; perhaps a wee drop of milk?  The tension of all of that shopping is starting to subside…

A sandwich is a delightful addition, so we have a selection… cucumber, smoked salmon or the always-popular asparagus roll – help yourself.

  Of course, a biscuit with a wee bit of jam and cream is also a welcome accompaniment.  Another top up of  hot tea calls for something sweet, but in our virtual tea shop, calories don’t count, so do choose a delicacy from our tiered-cake plate, without any second thoughts!

The heavy bags from all of that shopping, won’t seem nearly so burdensome, after this bit of respite.

Thank you for dropping by – and we hope you enjoyed a relaxing break from your busy day, with a civilized “spot of tea”.

3 Responses to “Virtual Tea”

  1. Jane says:

    A proper cup of tea is such a refreshing libation. Thank you for your condensation. Perhaps when you visit me you will allow me to leave your card on my hall table?

    • Elizabeth Jenkins-Joffe says:

      Greetings from a JASNA Washington, DC member. This is a lovely and interesting website. Congratulations to your coordinator and to JASNA Nova Scotia. And thank you–I enjoyed my cup of “virtual tea”!

  2. I especially like the pink roses at each table and the proper way of placing the napkin on the plate..Your desserts were wonderful to behold..now I only wish to have a real cup of tea with one of your Halifax members when we visit…do call us at Fresh Start B&B after Sept 20,2011. Thank you.
    Irena from the Hudson Bay post at Fort William ,Upper Canada located at the west end of Lake Superior.

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